While Swimming Through A Sea Of Suits..

When you swim in a sea of suits on almost a daily basis, it’s nice for some thing random to occur to shake things up a bit. Otherwise all the usual forgettable occurrences win – people rushing this way and that obviously late for something, others waiting on line at their favorite street cart for a morning cup of coffee, construction workers hanging around their site eating bagels and whistling at girls who pass by, and of course the usual group of tourists standing right smack in the middle of the sidewalk looking up in awe at a shiny new sky scraper.   Life is beautiful and easily taken for granted when it happens without incident day after day.

What I love are the moments when something makes you stop dead in your tracks and take notice.  Take for instant yesterday morning. As I crossed Broadway towards Sixth Avenue, I notice a suit walking briskly across as well, sipping his Starbucks coffee, while his other arm clung to a Wall Street Journal.  As he stepped onto the curb, somehow tripped and plunged to the ground. And I’m not talking a trip, stumble, look behind you, and take off.  It was the type of fall that could easily make a city stand still. The man did almost a roll and landed on his side, spilling the coffee, and casting the newspaper into the air. He quickly bolted up and galloped off, but OH man, was that a great morning pick me up. I feel kinda bad that it was at someone else’s misery, but oh well…what can you do?

By far the best thing I have seen in a while though took place last week.

Behold the glory of creative advertising:

Picture 044

Picture 045These guys literally came out of nowhere to my left, where I immediately pulled my camera out to capture the moment.  Allegedly, toy dogs riding around in power wheels that are covered in advertisement is a solid way to get your product’s message across. Actually, I believe it.  It was amazing how many of us slowed down to figure out what was going on.

If you go out into the world expecting color and interesting sights,  day to day life will be more exciting and you’ll begin to notice the little quirky things vs. the big picture.  This is the way I always hope to observe life.  Give me a side show or something that usually would go unnoticed and immediately the day has more meaning than, “wah wah just a normal blah blah Wednesday”.

Try it. Go outside and see what you rarely see.  It could end up making your day.


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  1. I love what you say about expecting “color and interesting sights.” It’s a fresh take on being positive and looking for the small unforgettable moments in ordinary days.
    P.S. Great pic of the dog and mini umbrella!

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