Sweet Competition

No matter what type of industry you work in, once a good original idea emerges,  it’s not going to last long. Soon enough the once unique niche turns into an everyday occurrence.

Exhibit A: Once upon a time I marveled in the fact that you can get any type of cuisine from a truck in Midtown. But treats – cookies, cupcakes, and so on – was ingenious. Ah the Treats Truck . Always a wonderful go-to on a grouchy Wednesday.

WELL, look who I saw lurking around Midtown this week.

Picture 001

The Street Sweets Truck? WHO is this? 

Being the loyal person that I am, gave the truck an evil glare and said, “I am a Treats Trucker! Not a Street Sweeter!”  After shouting that, I threw eggs at the truck and rallied a crowd. Together we chanted, “you’re not welcome here!!”, while tipping it over. Pretty amazing right? And it worked out perfectly during my lunch break.

Orrrrrr instead, I got creepy, lurked in the shadows, and took a picture of the truck for a future blog.   

A little while later, I took a look at their website, and it kinda changed my mind. Sadly, it looks pretty amazing…

Highlighting the menu are European-inspired create-your-own croissants—filled with a choice of luscious pastry creams such as mocha, praline, vanilla and chocolate, all natural preserves, honey, and nut butters. Other delectables include muffins, scones, quiches, savory croissants, cookies, brownies and more baked before your eyes. Since any pastry worth its calories must be accompanied by an outstanding cup of coffee, this eye-catching, magnificently equipped café on wheels definitely has it, along with espressos and cappuccinos.

To help keep things green, Street Sweets uses all natural ingredients, organic milk, raw sugar, and fair-trade coffee beans from a sustainable rain forest that are precision-roasted locally. The truck itself uses bio-diesel fuel to reduce emissions.

Yum. And they are green! And have create your own croissants! Amazing 🙂  Maybe I’ll open my heart to them after all.  The city is big enough for two. And really, anyone who wants to feed me tasty treats is ALWAYS welcome.


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