Places I Won’t Be Going…

Drum roll please……..


This morning one of my co-workers was telling me about his bachelor party in Montreal this past weekend. Obviously it was a wild time, exactly what a bachelor party should be. Luckily there were no real problems – just your  typical drink as much as possible & dance with strippers kind of night.  BUT they did have problems while trying to get into Canada….

Turns out that the Canadians do NOT allow people who have had a DUI in the past ten years in without a price.  One of his friends had one and had to pay $210!

Ahem, I may or may not have had an incident back in 2005…looks like this girl won’t be heading to glorious Canada til 2015.

Oh whatever, what do I need to go to Canada for anyway? Besides it being a beautiful chilly country with wonderful peaceful people & delicious maple syrup (mmm ever have maple syrup cookies, they are the best!) I have no valid reason to venture north. I don’t know anyone there.  I don’t like to ski or be anywhere near the Artic Circle. If I am in dire need of Niagra Falls, I’ll stay on the state side. 

So fine Canada, don’t let me in. I wasn’t planning on visiting anyway.


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