Lounging Around Time Square

I don’t get why they thought this would be a good idea or appealing…Picture 002

God help me if I went on vacation to New York and this was what I was in store for. A weird ironic joke where they are asking for peace and relaxation in the land of chaos.

But apparently, people (as in tourists) are loving this phenomenonas a chance to sit and catch their breath – which I guess makes sense because in that area there are no places to stop for a second without having someone walking behind them (ahem, me) roaring in the back round angrily pushing  their way through.

I for one hate this lawn chair idea. Being a person who has to at some point walk back and forth through the day, the slow moving tourists are bad enough. Giving them chairs to lounge around is the icing on the cake of laziness. Walking through now feels like your walking through some mystery white trash bbq where I am the only person who has somewhere to be.

Picture 001

Eh it makes me anxious and a little angry just looking at this scene, knowing it’s my guaranteed  future.


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