Do It Yourself Beach Clean-Up

After hearing that one of the few free local beachs was covered in garbage, Mhern & I decided to go to the beach on our day off  (last Friday) to pick up some trash.

Turns out it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be – I was picturing mountains of garbage, six ring soda plastic holes (not cut of course) strangling seagulls, piles of styrofoam, and the water being a questionable color of green – but we did manage to pick up one full bag of garbage & another of recycling.

It felt great taking an initiative and we were appluaded by locals for our good deed. In fact one mom said she would have gotten up and helped if it wasn’t for her super young child being there.

After we finished cleaning up, obviously it began to rain. So much for a full day in the sun.  But it got me thinking. How great would it be if when everyone came to the beach was required to bring out one bag of garbage?  Well even more  ideal, if people weren’t littering in the first place. It amazes me how lazy people can get.  There was a pile of garbage literally right next to the garbage can. Really? You couldn’t  go one inch out of your way to put it in.  

Well, I think this will be becoming a new trend when I go on beach visits. I highly recommend doing your own make-shift beach clean up, or if you want an actual event and make it a social thing, plenty of towns, groups, and so on have beach clean-ups – which are usually pretty fun.

 Here are a couple links that I have that may be helpful:

Clean Ocean Action is local NJ

Surfrider Foundation  is nationwide & has chapters all over the coasts.

So go! Go clean my beach!


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