What The? Is That The Sun I See?

After the entire month of June being completely rained out, my heart & soul ache to be outdoors in nice dry weather.

Monday was a beaufitul day, that led into an absolutely perfect summer evening. Warm air, no humidity, and a lingering dusk that took it’s time in turning to night.

I got home from work, ate some dinner, and suddenly became antsy to go outside and do something. So I convinced my brother to come get gelato with me at Zebu (DELICIOUS) and take a little lap around Red Bank.  Who knew that everyone had the same idea as us? The streets were filled with people leisuring their Monday evenings away.  It was reminiscent of sweet wonderful Hoboken on summer nights – people sitting on park benches sipping ice coffees while having a chat, others walking their dogs & babies after work, and couples hand in hand enjoying the fresh air. Or some like me who made their brothers come get gelato so they weren’t home suffocating.

On our Tour De Red Bank, this was my favorite spotting:  Argentinian Tango lessons in the park. Little did I know that they do lessons outdoors at Riverside Park in Red Bank Monday nights during the summer.  What a nice way to kick off the week. It was mostly older couples, perhaps retirees who get to enjoy life and take dancing lessons at their own leisure (wow do I sense a little bitterness there?).  That would have been the type of thing my Granny & Grandpa definitely would have enjoyed if it was offered in their neighborhood. I could almost picture him spinning her around and shuffling across the make shift dance floor.

Picture 067

After we watched the dancers a bit,  stopped to enjoy the scenery.

Picture 069


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