Kristine The Reiki Master

I have grown up in a life where the spiritual path & growth are just as important as the professional or personal life.  I truly believe that they go hand in hand. Without a grasp of your true self and inner happiness, how will the other aspects of your life co-exist peacefully?

My mom has been a Reiki master for about half of my life. What’s Reiki you ask? Well, it’s hard to explain, but in the shortened version, it is a Japanese hands on healing that gets the energy flowing in the chakras.  When you don’t feel right (physically or emotionally), much of that time it’s due to energy being stuck in a chakra.  A person who has been attuned into Reiki (which can only be given to you by a Reiki master)  is able to help stir up the energy in your body, get it flowing right, & help you feel better.

I know, I know, it sounds strange and you’re probably thinking, “oh sure it works…right…” because that’s how I felt when my mom started to learn and work on us.

Up until last year, I had no use or interest.  One day my mom mentioned that she was planning on teaching a Reiki level one class and asked if I’d be interested. I figured I should go for it & take advantage of the wonderful opportunity.  Plus, my mom loves it so.  Why not take the time to  get to know something that my mother was so invested in?

Well turns out, I really like Reiki and after the first training, I went on to complete  Reiki 2, which lead up to the Reiki master training this past weekend.

It was a really a beautiful process.  Friday we (3 other women becoming Reiki masters and my mom) sat around and talked about our lives leading up to the day.  I found it interesting that everyone came from different back rounds, were different ages, and had varied journeys ahead.  But at the same time, it was all the same ultimate goal; to continue on the path of self-growth. I can’t help but  feel a very special closeness to each of them due to the fact that we shared the process together.  It’s amazing how quickly bonds can be made when you’re honest & swapping spiritual growth stories. Also, I was the new one of the group & daughter of their teacher. It was fun to be included and get to share the day.

Anyway, afterwards, we sat down  and my mother attuned us to the Reiki master level. When that ended, everyone was pretty much drained and glowing, excited for the following day.

 Saturday was a long one where we spent the morning and early afternoon learning & practicing giving others attunements.  We new masters had to learn them fairly quickly because at around 2:00, our friends and family arrived to get healing attunements.  Afterwards we went back on the deck to enjoy the weather and have refreshments. It was great to meet the other women’s families who I’ve heard about in various stories. Overal, it was a wonderful experience & I am so glad that I opened myself up to Reiki .

Now I am a Reiki master. What do I do with this is a question I’m sure all new masters have asked. Well, for the time being, I am going to continue to go my mom’s Reiki shares (where other people who do Reiki come together once a week and practice) and read and educate myself.  Maybe one day I’ll include it in my professional life. Maybe there will be a calling for healing in the future.  At the moment, I’m just going to let is grow & learn and see where it takes me.



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3 responses to “Kristine The Reiki Master

  1. Kelly

    Hi Kristine! I just started following your blog, and was so excited to read of your new venture (Reiki) in life! My husband is a Reiki master and probably the best application he has found in life is the calming influence he has over all of us and his ability to make us feel better on every level. It’s a wonderful gift, I hope you enjoy the practice, and all that it opens up for you! Many blessings!!!

  2. kristicu423

    Hi Kelly, Thanks so much for reading! Yeah I’m really excited to see how having the reiki master attunement is going to affect me energetically in the next few months. That’s great that you have someone in your house who does it & can really take it for granted. Only until I got older did I begin to enjoy reiki.

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