Just Another Mannequin Monday

Don’t worry, they aren’t scary like my last mannequin blog.  These guys were spotted Friday afternoon after a lunch & a chat with my brother.  We were walking back to my office when we noticed these fellas in the Sony Plaza/building/whatever you’d like to call it:

Picture 061

Standing on their heads…

Picture 062

Flying through the air…

Picture 063

Little boy with his hands on his hips.

This was my brother’s personal favorite.

Have a nice day 🙂


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One response to “Just Another Mannequin Monday

  1. I work for http://www.lvmannequins.com and just surfed accross your blog. We sell the same type of mannequins you have in these pics. If your are looking for a gag gift like the little boy with the hands on the hips for your brother let us know.


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