Ah, The Joys Of Waitressing

All through college to the pseudo-present, I have worked at the Siam Garden in Red Bank. Ever been there? Well it’s great. In general, it’s extremely laid back, the regulars are all great, and the food is phenomenal.  That in fact may be the reason why I work every once in a while (in addition that well…I’m moving far far away soon. A girl needs $$!) – to get delicious free Thai food. Mmm.

When I moved home back in May, I gave Meaw (the manager) a call to let her know I’d be local if she ever needed me to cover a shift. I don’t want to be on the schedule (goodbye weekends), but it’s great to grab a shift here & there. Sure enough, a call or two have come in since asking for me to fill in.

Well after the two day Reiki training, I prepared myself for Saturday night and ALL day waitressing on Sunday. UGH. And of course I was stuck indoors on Sunday, the most beautiful day of summer thus far. And business was slow.

Lunch consisted of two tables: One was a table of three people, whom were fairly miserable and enjoyed to complain. This one dude was convinced that I personally made it a point to deprive him of shrimp in his phad thai.

“Ahem….miss. Didn’t I ask for shrimp!?? THEN what is this!”

(looking at his fork) “That would be tofu & it comes in all phad thai’s. I’m sure the shrimp is in there. Dig around, you’ll find at least four”.

**Five minutes later**

“Seriously miss, there are NO shrimp. Can you bring me a side of them!!”

“Well, let me check with the chef…”

I then went into the kitchen to check with Somchai, who obviously didn’t forget shrimp. But I did my serving duty and asked him, to which he got upset and confused about…because of course he put them in. As I walk back to the table, who has found the missing shrimp and happily eating them? Yeah….he couldn’t just dig a bit. Just had to complain at the very first bite. PSH

Table number two was wonderful – low maintenance, easy going, beautiful & a wonderful couple. As we chatted about Michael Jackson and how insane it was that so many celebrities died this week, they began to joyfully proclaim Jesus this and that. I appreciated their enthusiasm and obvious love, but it’s hard to agree with when…well, I’m not Christian. And I wasn’t going to get into a shpeal, so I smiled and nodded along because they were positive people. And invited me to go to their church sometime. They were so nice that as they left I actually considered it for a minute.

The rest of the day was filled with side work & then I eventually went home early.

BUT the upside is I got fed amazingly well.

Breakfast: Noodle soup with bean sprouts, beef, garlic, some chili’s, & a  kinda parsley.

Picture 066

Lunch: Red curry with chicken, basil, and bamboo shoots. SUPER spicy. Also, eggs, beef, & tofu in a tasty light brown delicious broth. And rice of course.

Picture 064

Mmmmm. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Siam. MM mm mm.



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2 responses to “Ah, The Joys Of Waitressing

  1. Those meals look delicious! For some reason, I always get very hungry when I read your blog 🙂
    I hate it when you have to work when the weather is beautiful, knowing that everybody else is in the park enjoying the sun. Used to happen to me all the time, but then I changed jobs. Thank God!

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