No Meat Mondays!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel discouraged  that my eco-friendly choices mean nothing in the long run.  For example,  I’ll be at the super market with my re-usable bags and sigh in sadness over the women who firmly demands that the cashier double bags her plastic.  Or times when I  shred my mix paper and bring it to the recycling center when it is guaranteed that most people are very liberal  about throwing paper away.  It’s disheartening I know, but no matter how small my actions mayme, they make me feel good and I can live life with the knowledge that there is affort being made. But there is always something more we can do….I’ve been wondering what I should do next that won’t cost any money or be too time consuming and voila…..a new idea brought to us by the wonderful & magical Sir Paul McCartney

Meat Free Monday

According to their website, “it’s a food campaign to encourage the nation to help slow climate change by reducing their meat consumption by having at least one meat free day a week. Having a meat free day every week is a simple way to make a difference in the world.”

 Apparently the entire process from the farm to our plates is about 20-30% of the global greenhouse gas emission. Livestock production is responsible for 1/2 of that number. Imagine if everyone would try to do this every Monday. Or every other Monday. Or EVEN once month. By being even a little more conscious, you can help make some big changes.

So who’s with me! By the way, go check out the website and subscribe.  They will send you a weekly veggie recipe and news. In addition, you could even send them one of your favorite meat dishes and they’ll help  find ways to make it veggie. I have to say… Giving up meat sometimes is tempting. I’m sure I’ll deny it at the next BBQ while happily eating a hotdog with a side of fried chicken. But to think what an impact I could make, it almost feels selfish not to. Especially when I know I could honestly live happily in a vegetarian lifesyle. We’ll see…


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