Shrimp Heaven

One of the things I liked about moving home was the chance to go to some of my favorite local spots that I haven’t been to in a while: Sawa for their amazing sushi, Barnacles obviously for the cheddar burger, The Madhatter for the pizza and Juanitos – well for the guacamole, chimichangas, and shrimp.

These places I just mentioned, while I do absolutely adore their food, also create an atmosphere that is welcoming and adds to a certain ambiance that makes the meal. Having worked in restaurants for most of my life, that is something very important to me, and I would strive to create that for my clients & regulars if I ever have my own place someday (lets keep our fingers crossed).

Anyway….Kyle, two bottles of wine, & I happily made our way over to Juanito’s  on Friday to discover a very nice size crowd- not too busy, not too quiet – just right. We chose a table on the patio, which is always a treat. Now how  would you like to be jealous? ….here’s what we ordered.

Kyle’s Dinner:

Picture 026

DELICIOUS chimichanga. Always a wonderful choice. I don’t recall what was in it however because I was too focused on THIS, my all time favorite dish at Juanito’s. No matter how long & hard I look at the menu, I ALWAYS get the….

Picture 024

Camorones A La Diabla.

So deliciously flavorful, almost too spicy sometimes to go on. But I always do. Mm mm. And it’s not heavy, so you don’t feel tired & worn out after the meal. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

So definitely run off to Juanito’s if you have a chance. I’ve never had a bad experience and will be back again.


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