More Fun Times In Central Park

As I’ve mentioned in posts past, when the weather is nice, I usually go to Central Park to eat lunch & enjoy my break.

The one thing that I loathe about Central Park in the summer is the sea of children that goes along with it. It makes sense: warm weather + no school + zoo, fun, horses, & a carousel = an obvious good time for the kiddies.

As long as they stay out of my way, don’t make too much noise, & don’t bother me, I’m fine with them hanging around during my lunch time.

So, picture the scene. It was two Friday’s ago and I treated myself to a delicious chicken salad sandwich. It literally could have been the best of my life. The sun was shining and though it was humid, I didn’t care. It was Friday, I had my sandwich to enjoy, and a good book to read.

THEN, he entered into the equation:

Picture 018

Central Park squirrels are an interesting breed because they heavily interact with humans, making them very social and accustom to being hand fed by children, old people, and animal lovers.

This particular squirrel was a severe attention whore and danced & skipped around people, who in return  laughed, pointed, and took  pictures. I like squirrels, they are fine & all, but it’s not like I have never seen one.

Obviously the squirrel could sense my disinterest, so he decided to do something about it – he quietly crawled up right next to my shoulder and attempted to rob me of my sandwich!

Of course I don’t notice this until a herd of children stopped and swarmed around me pointing, shouting, taking pictures – overall my worst nightmare. I yelled, “ok ok! Let me get up! Move!!”, while grabbing all my scattered belongings and heading over to the opposite benches.

Thinking about it afterwards, as my friend the squirrel hopped and skipped before me, every so often giving me the evil eye, I think the problem was that I gave off a bad energy to the children and squirrel. Maybe if I had good feelings toward the two, the squirrel would have suprised me by treating the two of us to lunch and the children would have all quietly walked past, and apologized for being an interference…..?

Picture 017


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