Ways To Cheer Up On A Rainy Day

This morning I woke to a normal occurance – due to the fact that it feels as though it rained the entire month of June. Sources have informed me that the weather will remain this way for the NEXT TEN DAYS.


In attempts to fight the sadness I possess – all that have began in the morning attempting to look nice to work, getting rained on, looking wretched, not being able to go for a nice pleasant walk or sit in the park, and so on – I have tried to do things that would help the situation.

First thing first: I didn’t even bother blow drying my hair today. My bob does not do well in the rain because it is naturally curly-ish. So instead, it looks kinda short and crazy lady wavy, very ala Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns:

Yup. Just like that. But whatever. It was nice to walk to work  and know that even though my hair was being blown around and rained on, I would still look the way it was planned.

I also wore sneakers for the walk to the office, which I NEVER do. But then again, I don’t like wet feet. So the classic dress  (not easily wrinkle-able planned as well) and blue sneaker combo was my choice. It’s nuts how just those few things uplifted my day tremendously. But oh no no, it didn’t stop there.

When I got to work, I went through my usual routine of putting makeup on, tidying up,  relaxing to a bowl of cereal & coffee, so on & so forth and basked in the knowledge that the new HARRY POTTER movie will be gracing our lives in…..drum roll please……29 Days!!

Who’s excited!


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