Ode To Val Kilmer

I would have to say my all time biggest celebrity crush is Val Kilmer. That means alot because I really do not have love for many of them.

Honestly, I do not know much about him besides that he (1) has a couple kids (2) lives somewhere in the South West (3) Is single! (4) Much older than me – he’s turning 50 this year – but if I was single, I’d totally date him anyway (sorry Val, you missed your shot).

It’s a funny thing about celebrity crushes – how we can love them so much, but know nothing about them.  I think it’s more that we adore the characters they play.

My infatuation developed during three of the most amazing and important movies of my life:

Exhibit A: Willow, by far, has been one of my all time favorites since I was little. When my sister Heidi first introduced it to my brother & I, we were IMMEDIATELY hooked. We loved it so much that after watching, got our mom to buy us the action figures (or maybe Heidi did). Regardless. It had a huge impact on my life. In addition,  Mad Mardigan (the part Val played) was the kind of man I hoped I’d someday meet. A hard edge, but yet very passionate, adventurous, and brave.

Exhibit B: The Doors.  For a time in my life (when I was about 21-25ish), I was somewhat obsessed with the Doors and more specifically Jim Morrison.  He was such an intense & interesting character.  I wanted to know as much as possible.  In general, the movie was terrible and portrayed JM as simply an irresponsible lush (which wasn’t all true).  But Val through and through, captured the character and energy of Jim.

Exhibit C: Wonderland.LOVE THE MOVIE. Val potraying John Holmes was unbelievable. To this day, I still watch the movie at least once a month. Go. See.It. If you haven’t already, please. I was introduced to Wonderland by my friend Kelly, who came across it on demand and fell in love instantly. As soon as I saw, knew exactly why she adored it so.

So now that we stop and think about it, it’s not that I love Val per say, it’s more that I applaud his choice in characters, acting ability, & movies that he participates in.

Look at him now: not the man I thought I loved… oh who am I kidding? He could be ten years older and 20 more pounds and I’d still care for him….well maybe we could just be friends.


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