Teenage Date Night

The first “real” date I ever got asked out on was the summer between 6th and 7th grade. The boy in question was this kid Matt who was in my children’s opera chorus….sounds like a winner already right? Haha. Seriously though, he was a very nice boy. A month or two earlier, our choir went down to Disney World to sing in this festival called the “Magic Music Days” and somehow we ended up flirting 12 year old style and sat on the plane ride together on the way home.  I was soooo excited. But I was in 6th grade. He was in 7th and went to a different school, so figured I’d see him again in the fall when choir started back up and that be that.

Oh no no, he caught me off guard and CALLED my home. My mom handed me the phone and due to the fact that I was absolutely mortified that she knew a boy was calling me, got super flustered, and barely heard a word Matt had to say.

Something about going to the movies and I immediately said no and hung up. Poor guy.  I look back now and feel so bad. That took a lot of courage and I pushed him away for no real reason.  

This memory popped into my head last night as I went for a quick dinner at Chili’s and a movie (The Hangover. HILARIOUS) with Kyle.  It immediately felt like a clique high school date.  When the movie was over, I had a vision of my dad pulling up in our old green minivan. At that point, I would have awkwardly hugged Kyle goodbye and prayed that my dad didn’t see. Not that he would care. It was just one of those teenage things. 

Lord, when I was younger, I was TERRIFIED of boys & dating.  How do all the tweens & teenagers  grow up so fast? The media blames it on their role models, but we (as in my generation)  had pretty saucy influences as well – 90210, Madonna, Melrose Place, Salt N’ Peppa, Blossom…ha just kidding – but it’s interesting look back and think what has drastically changed. It makes you wonder what the clique date is for teenagers now.



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