Ahh Monday Furlough

I took my fourth furlough  on Monday and I have to say, it was a pretty good day.

I woke up at Kyle’s with a miserable hangover.  Sunday was a magical day filled with a trip to the beach, lunch at Barnacle’s (mmm the best cheeseburger of my life) and topped it off with margaritas with my friend Justin (who is also Kyle’s roommates) and some of his work friends. Note: I NEVER drink tequila. Only every once in a while, so too many margaritas = Kristine a little drunky = hangover guaranteed the following day.

Anyway, Kyle dropped me off at home on his way to work and I napped it out til about 12 because I had to get ready for Qi Gong with my mom.  I had never tried it before, always assuming I’d be bored….because well….if you have never done any energy work or mediation… it is.  But, if able to let go and be in the moment… giving yourself the time, it is absolutely beneficial.  Before the practice, everyone sat around and discussed and some people shared the success they have had due to Qi Gong. It’s amazing to learn about what else it out there. 

After the practice, Mom & I stopped by home quickly to have some lunch and then went on over to the ASPCA! It’s been a year now since our beloved collie Jessica passed away, so we (as in my mom & I – my dad is NOT a dog lover and my brother doesn’t seem to care either way) are missing the relationship with a dog. I know it won’t technically be mine, but living at home now til September – well it’ll definitely give me the chance to get to know and love the new family pet.

Literally, we were inches away from getting this wonderfully nice dog name Petey. BUT he happened to be part Pit bull…..which made us both nervous. The only way I’d be able to have anything part Pit bullis if I knew it since it was a puppy. Petey was four. We didn’t know his past.

After taking a last lap, hoping to come across another dog we could connect with, decided to leave.  When we eventually got home (we had to stop at the puppy store to meet more dogs) my mom immediately went online to find more dogs! She came across the site for the Collie Rescue of Central Jersey, so looks like we may have another Collie in the future.  They are amazing dogs.  I’d be happy to get to know another one.

At this point I was god awful tired. SO tired, but felt like I should take a bike ride. So I took a lap around the neighborhood and pretty much passed out soon after that.

Ahhh what a nice day. I love LOVE days that can be leisured away – the only tasks I had were to work on my inner & spiritual growth and play with dogs.   Is it terribly wrong that I wouldn’t mind another round of Furlough days….? Now that it’s getting warmer out, it makes it that much harder to drag myself into work and pretend like I care for my job.



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2 responses to “Ahh Monday Furlough

  1. Chia

    thank you for the wikipedia of Qi Gong!

  2. kristicu423

    So now you’ll know what it is when my mom talks about it. She LOVES loveeees it!

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