Weekend Review

Ahh it is officially the summer season meaning….BBQ’s, cocktails, and too much to do in a small amount of time.

Friday was fairly low key: had dinner with my parents and then headed over Kyle’s to hangout with some friends.  Now that I wake up every morning at the god awful hour of 6, it is nearly impossible to stay up on Fridays any later than 12 before I start nodding off. Thankfully Kyle was on the same page and we were off to bed by 1:30.

Saturday morning I had a dentist appointment (hurray no cavities).  It’s a funny thing with my dentist.  In general, I really like it there and trust them completely.  I never thought too much into it til Kyle and my friend Justin had some terrible nightmarish trouble with theirs – charging them shady bills, doing a poor job on cavities, possible wrong diagnosises – it is so bad in fact that the dental hygienist pretty much warned Justin to stay away. I am thankful for the thorough job my dentist always does. But the dental hygienists. Jeez, no matter which one I get, all they want to do is chitty chitty chatty chatty. Please. Just clean my teeth and give me a new toothbrush.

Anyway… afterwards, Kyle and I went to the movies to see, “Drag Me To Hell”. Great movie. The past few horror movies I’ve seen have been pretty meh. But OH BOY, I was left shocked! Amazed! Stressed from being frightened every couple minutes!

Picture 003

Then after the movie, we went over to my friend Geraldine’s (in the picture above) who was having a BBQ. I swear,the absolute perfect day is sitting outside in the sun, eating BBQ’d food, and sipping cocktails. The burgers could very well have been the best of my life.

Picture 009

So we stuck around there for a bout 6 hours (felt like 2) and popped on over to my friend Paul’s, who was also having a get together.  More drinks, some of the same people from Geraldine’s and some new. Overall, just a great & wonderful day.

Sunday. I awoke. Hungover….but ah another beautiful day. Kyle took the top off of his jeep and we took a ride up to Glen Ridge to visit with his Mama and sister for a few hours. Then back to my house for a BBQ with my parents.

Pheww…exhausting, but a wonderful preview for the summer!


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