Scarier Than Clowns

In general, I have no hate or animosity toward mannequins. They have not upset, traumatized, scared, or got in my way of living life…until two years ago.

Brace yourself….Picture 014

Picture 016They are ONLY in Times Square in those huge souvenir shops (you know the ones that are on every corner?). Having worked in Midtown the past two years with no option in avoiding Times Square, these guys have haunted me on a daily basis.  It makes you wonder if all mannequins in the world besides NY & NJ look like them? Are the shop owners attempting to make our tourists feel like they are at home?

No. I was googling around at prices for mannequins and apparently mannequins are expensive!!!! Obviously the big bosses are going for the cheaper scarier option.


Walking by them day in and day out, I literally cringe & give them a quick evil glare.

Picture 015

If I had the choice of a clown chasing me or one these wretched mannequins, I’d choose the clown.


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One response to “Scarier Than Clowns

  1. What the…aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh… those things were spawned from some waxy devil’s loins…and I thought the Old Navy mannequins were creepy… I had to refrain from crapping my pants when viewing these…

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