Southwestern Pasta Salad

I think one of the reasons I like going to parties so much is having the chance to bring a dish along.  Memorial Day bbq at my friend Greg’s was no exception.  A few days earlier I asked what to bring and I was told pasta salad….hmmm have I ever made it before? No! Hurray!  A new recipe to try.

Thanks to having zero work to do last week, I spent Thursday searching around for something delicious and came across the Southwestern Pasta Salad. It was wonderful! I played around with the recipe and will share with you below:

Picture 001

2 boxes of muli-colored rotini

1 can of corn – drained

1 large can of black beans – not completely drained. I liked having a little bit of the sauce lingering. It adds to the flavor. 

1 green bell pepper – diced up.

1 red bell pepper – diced up too.

2 plum tomatoes – cubed.

A spoonful of chili powder – I also added additional spice because – well I like a nice kick.

A spoonful of cumin

3 cloves of garlic – crushed

A little salt, a little pepper  – I say taste it a long the way to feel out how everything is blending together.

A can of black olives – drained and sliced.

1/2 cup of lime juice – maybe more depending on your preference.  In addition, to add to the presentation, I recommend having a few fresh slices on top of the salad to squeeze on at the end.

Bunch of cilantro – half minced up real nice and another hand full to top off for a garnish.

1/2 cup of veggie oil

Pretty much from there cook the pasta, let it cool, add, & blend blend blend it all together. This was a great light hearty salad and will definitely be making an appearance at future events.

Picture 002


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