Fleet Week. Hurray?

I couldn’t help but notice on the streets last week that there were ALOT of men (some women) decked out in uniform.  Marines? Navy? Turns out it was Fleet Week! 

“Technically” it is a nice idea, where civilians get a chance to visit the ships and the Marines & Navy do all sorts of military demonstrations, but the first thing I think of is that  Sex & The City episode, where the girls are all very excited that it’s Fleet Week and want to sleep with sailors.  Eventually, Samantha made out with one, Charlotte showed one her boob, and Carrie danced it out. Where was Miranda…hmm…pregnant? Oh wait no, she just had the baby and nobody wanted her around. Got it.

Anyway, it’s funny how nuts some girls go for a man in uniform. Seriously, I went to Webster Hall about a month ago, where a group of sailors were out, and the girls were bombarding them.  I guess in a way it’s nice that they get all that attention after being on a boat for god knows how long. Good for them. Have their fun holiday weekend.

I on the other hand do not find a man in uniform attractive.  While I think it looks nice, it’s just not my thing.  I tend to be attracted to people who look comfortable and show their personality, but not totally taking themselves too seriously. That’s the exact opposite of a uniform – which is defined as:  Unvaried in texture, color, or design.

Plus….well, a few years back I had the luck to live in San Diego for a month or so. My friend Noel had an internship and welcomed us (me and my friend Chia) to stay with him with open arms.  So the three of us had a ball – going to the beach, Tijuana, lots of hookah bars, a yacht party, and soo many other places in beautiful Downtown San Diego. At some point, Chia and her boyfriend broke up. BAD horrible breakup, so in response to that we ran a single girl marathon for a bout a week or so.  While out one night, we met these two nice sailors who were stationed in Hawaii usually, but for some reason were in San Diego.   One too many drinks later and I  made out with one of them. Oops.  The next morning I awoke to a miserable hangover and STREP THROAT!!! AWESOME. So yeah, I think I’m all set.


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