FREE. Hot Dogs.

As you all have probably noticed, it is absolutely beautiful out today.  With that in mind, I decided to go for a super long walk and get some errands taken care of – which included picking up weekly bus tickets from Port Authority.  One way or another, you have to walk through Times Square to reach our final destination. Times Square, not my favorite place to be. Ever. It is a constant frenzied circus between tourists, office workers, people trying to get you to ride a tour bus/bike tour/go see a comedy show, and so on. Usually I am angry with my head down, but lately…. have been trying to take deeper breaths and remember that cities are all full of slow moving people. It’s not their fault I walk quickly and have places to be.

Anyway, while walking along Broadway, I noticed one person after another eating hot dogs wrapped in aluminum paper. “Hmm weird,” I thought, “maybe everyone just happens to be in a hot dog mood”.

OH no no no. 45th & Broadway, I saw THIS:

Picture 062

So it appears today is/was free Oscar Meyer hot dog giveaway day and the whole area was a MESS. As you know, I love getting free things, so was extremely excited.

But then I remembered what is coming up this week: Memorial Day Weekend. Which means what? Summer….which equals bathing suits.  You know what doesn’t help me get bathing suit ready? Yeah… dogs full of mystery meat. Well I guess in this case the signs said they were beef…but still. Fatty fatty fat.

I tried to talk myself out of it: You’re not hungry! You don’t even like Oscar Meyer hot dogs….well maybe you can take one ONLY if someone offers it to you and if you promise to eat well tonight…

Thankfully no one offered and I made sure the return back to the office did not go ANYWHERE near that area.  Why can’t they ever give healthy things away like salads or delicious hummus wraps? It’s always hot dogs, pizza, and pretzels – which are all delicious – but nowhere near the spectrum of health I hope for.

Picture 063

I am truly amazed by my sudden ownership of will power.

Hopefully it’ll stick around.


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