My Dream Came True…For Them

Despite’s pessimistic attitude, this afternoon turned out to be pretty nice and sunny. This meant that obviously I was going to go down to Central Park to read, listen to my favorite Park 3 to 4 piece band (yes they were there again), and eat my sandwich and some mood lifters (sour patch kids).

One of the down falls about the weather warming up are all the garbage field trips during the day.  Field trips = groups of screaming annoying children.  And I swear, anytime they are around, the entire group ends up enveloping me, forcing me to hyperventilate and vacate to a no-child free area.

As usual, I was blanketed by a field trip, so angrily stood  up, stomped away, and evil eyed the teacher with, “WHY WOULD YOU SIT THEM RIGHT ON TOP OF ME WHEN THERE ARE 50 EMPTY BENCHES DIRECTLY OVER THERE. NOT EVERYONE LIKES OR THINKS THE SOUND OF CHILDREN’S VOICES ARE WIND CHIMESSSS!!!!”.

I sat down about 20 feet away and began to read until I noticed a group of people from running in my direction with video cameras, balloons, and a blown up check made out for $25,000.

OMG. Did I enter a contest and have forgoten about it??? How did they find me? Have they been following me around all afternoon…so weird. If that’s for me I could totally quit my job when I get back to work. My prayers have been answered! Yes! YES! YESSSSS!

Sigh. Turns out it was for the couple across the way from me. And they didn’t even look all that happy. Ohhhh I’ll get them…


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