Dear James Frey,

Remember back in January when I found all those books on my stoop? Well I am now just starting to get to read these guys. My first pick is “A Thousand Little Pieces”, one of books that James Frey presented as a memoir, but was later discovered to be fabricated. 

Thus far, it is fantastic and a great read.  He’s an amazing & talented writer.  My only problem here (obviously) is his lack of respect to his readers.  By the time this got published, he was already a well known writer. Why lie to the people who made you who you are?  His storytelling is enough that he didn’t need to bedazzle the story.

Maybe he was dead set on writing a memoir? Well. Memoir is the truth of someones life. Come on James, we live in an age where you can always dig up the past. Apparently he lied about his criminal charges, which I find to be the least interesting part of the story.  He could have easily left those out and still had a gem. And if the lies were absolutely necessary, why not just say in the front, “story is based on actual events”.

I guess all we can take from this (and by we, I mean anyone who hopes to pursue writing or any other type of art in the near future) is to be honest and upfront with your audience. They aren’t dumb. You need them. Respect and you’ll get that back.


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