Musical Snacks

When the weather warms up, I take advantage and escape the office for longer than usual lunches.  Generally I end up in Central Park to bask in the sunshine, eat my lunch, and catch up on whatever magazine happens to throw itself into my bag.  Central Park is a very magical place.  You can’t help but feel excited for no real reason in particular. I think it has to do that we – whether is be tourists, 9-5 lunchers, or the luckies, people who have days off & get to play in the park all day – are so thrilled to be out in the nice weather, submerged in NYC standard nature and for yours truly, enjoy the street performers who take musical residence in the park.


This band in particular is one of my favorites.  They play a fair amount of the time I’m assuming because last Wednesday was the second time I’ve heard them in the past two months.  Their music is almost like a whirlpool, that when I walk, they somehow pull me aside to sit down in front and enjoy their show. 

Sometimes you need the fresh sound of real music after hours of sitting and only being exposed to the sound of phones, printers constantly going, and the computer keys on which I clickety click away on.

After sitting there happily for 45 minutes or so, I force myself back to the office, feeling refreshed & full of ambition to learn to play an instrument.  Maybe someday I can be a musician who plays for the office-ers and office-erettes instead of being one.  I would consider myself blessed if I can be the person who gets to inspire the masses instead of being one who desperately needs to be.


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