Last Parting Words From 255 10th Street

Last Wednesday, instead of being productive and finishing up packing like I should have been doing (I moved on Friday),  I opted to take dramatic finale pictures of my bedroom before it was completely broken down for good. 

Have I ever told you about where I lived the past two years?  My apartment in general was a super makeshift three bedroom – railroad style – which basically taught us how to be creative and use what we have. My bedroom was, I’m assuming, originally the living room.  It had three huge windows facing the street (which was especially fun on those nights when all I wanted to do was sleep, but was kept up by the open mike next door and drunk 21 years olds), a beautiful fireplace, and to top it off, a private entrance.  I was in that room for about 16 months and hated to give it up, but what can you do? A girl needs to save.  Here are some of my parting pictures:

picture-001View from one window

picture-007Same window, different angle

picture-012Fireplace & the biggest dictionary ever

picture-017A way in & a way out

picture-021Hi, I’m a pink phone


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