Champagne & Farewell’s

As I mentioned earlier today, this past weekend I took the plunge and moved home to Middletown. I know, why oh why would I ever leave my wonderful apartment in Hoboken to move home, to live in my parent’s basement (which was recently renovated. it’s not like a creepy dungeon), add an hour & 45 minutes to my commute, and leave behind my friends and fun life in the city?

Well. The ONLY way I will ever save enough money for my New Zealand trip was to move home. I also thought it would just be wonderful to spend extra time with my family, who after September I won’t be seeing for a while and to be closer to Kyle, who now only lives 10 minutes away.

On Friday, my mom & I went to Hoboken with her car and loaded it up with as much as we could fit, followed by a delicious wrap at Mikey Squared (sigh…oh how I’ll miss Hoboken so). Later that night, I was exhausted and lounged around with Kyle, sipped some wine, and watched “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People”. Great movie, I definitely recommend.

So then Saturday, Kyle & I went up to Hoboken to get the rest of my crap. Of course I underestimated how much I had vs. how big his car was, so we had to go up to Hobooken AGAIN on Sunday.  So Saturday night was pretty much the same as Friday except I was even more narcoleptic and could not keep awake.

Then came Sunday.  Technically, my last day in Hoboken. And I have to say, it was really sad.  My roommate Meg surprised us with a bottle of champagne to cheers our years and make plans for her to come visit down the shore this summer.  I feel very blessed to have met Meg, only knowing her by the luck of finding an ad on Craigslist and taking an apartment.  After having some super weirdo’s pass thru our apartment (thanks craigslist!), it definitely is something to be grateful for when you can find someone you not only live well with, but can also form a great friendship.


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