Chicken Soup For The Lame Soul

This morning felt like one of those days that no matter what I did, I was a few minutes behind than usual. Of course. Out of all the days in the week, it had to be the one that I was carrying lots of bags, like the good little bag lady that I am. As I shoved through the sitting crowd of displeased people, I noticed two remaining seats. What luck!

I got all my bags settled and out of harms way and leisurely opened the book that I began to read last night – The Black Dahlia Files.  Have I ever told you that unsolved murders have always been a fascination? It has more to do with the mind behind the crime. It amazes me how you can be an incredibly intelligent & charismatic person on one hand, but then also have a side that is so cruel and inhumane.

Anyway, so I read and read til someone sat down next to my right, forcing me to stop and move over a bit.  Yadda blah blah, it was a youngish suit. I paid little to no attention to him til he pulled a book out and began to read…..

Eww. I’m sorry, but any man who reads any form of Chicken Soup For a Soul  looses TONS of masculinity points in my book.  I had instant visions of this young suit curled up on his bed, spooning his cat while reading Chicken Soup For The Soul.  Ever so often, he’d put down the book to wipe the tears off his cheeks, agreeing that sometimes love DOES conquer all. 

That got me thinking about how fickle we girls are.  On one hand, we want someone who is  a man, but also has a sensitive side.  A man must be strong but also soft. It really is ridiculous. No wonder  most of us will never be truly satisfied.  If you had a choice what would you prefer – the tough guy who is a strong man but never expresses emotions or a super sobby emotional wreck…..?

I’d rather be single, thanks.


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  1. emsilees09

    “Ever so often, he’d put down the book to wipe the tears off his cheeks, agreeing that sometimes love DOES conquer all. ”

    HAHAHA. Amazing.

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