A New Cuisine To Try

Knowing my love for all the different Asian cuisines, my friend Geraldine introduced to me one I’ve never experienced – Cambodian.

It’s my last week in Hoboken – meaning my last week being able to leisure around NYC after work without worrying about getting home too late – and the week after my birthday, so Geraldine decided to take me out on a date.

We went to Kampuchea, located on the Lower East Side, and what can I say? It was absolutely beautiful, with long tables and an open kitchen.  The decor was rich in a dark strong wood & felt very clean.  You could tell that whomever decorated put in a lot of effort to make it feel as though you were walking into a different world.  Tuesday night was seasonally warm, so all the walls were open, allowing us to enjoy the warm breeze.

What I really liked about Cambodian, as well as Thai, Filipino & Vietnamese (and so on), is the interesting fusion and influences they each have have from other countries.  You almost get a sense of something you’ve once had before, but from another point of view. I love that there are so many different takes and flavors.  So many little special extras that you’d never notice, but make a world of a difference.

Geraldine and I started out with a grilled corn on the cob appetizer, that was topped with a delicious red curry & fresh coconut flakes.  This was something I’d never had anything like before and was happily surprised to the combination. I think when it comes to curry, just about anything with it will taste yum yum yum.

Then for the main course, we got the num pang (sandwich)  sampler.  Delicious.  Geraldine had had them in the past and just knew I’d love them. She was right.  The ingredients were amazingly fresh & the flavors were very diverse.  We decided on the shrimp – which reminded me of this really good Thai salad, but put in between bread, bacon – basically a Cambodian take on the BLT, and meatballs – the perfect balance to get a good idea of  their popular num pang. 

Throw in a bottle of nice Australian wine, and we left absolutely content.  Next time,I’m going to try one of the noodle soups. I LOVE love loooove noodle soup, so am sure I’d love Cambodian’s too.

Definitely go check it out.  Love the area, love the food. The best possible way to spend a beautiful Summer (or in our case, random too warm for April) night.


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