Harry vs. Bella



                                                                                Last night I completed the Twilight series and I must say, it was a very nice experience.  The story was very creative and the books in general were extremely quick reads. If someone where to ask for a recommendation I’d say, “if you have a chance, go for it”.

BUT. Then I came across an article a month or two ago comparing Twilight to MY beloved Harry PotterTwilight is not even in the same ball park as Harry Potter.  J.K’s Rowling’s use of language and the depth of character & plot tower over S. Miller’s. 

Turns out it’s not just me who feels passionate towards the subject.  People have had actual debates about which books are better.

Obviously, if you never read the books, they seem to share similar characteristics:

  1. Both are EXTREMELY popular series.  This is due to the fact that both authors  created likable main characters whom we readers connected with.  That lead to further reading to see what happened next.
  2. Both made piles of money.  But who won? Well obviously J.K. Rowling, who made 1 BILLION dollars from Harry Potter. Could you image? Stephanie Miller made about 7.6 million.  That’s nothing compared to Rowling, but amazing as far as book sells go.
  3. Each have movies based on the books.  Harry Potter movies are far superior than Twilight.  Who knows, maybe the next movie (Eclipse) will prove me wrong.
  4. Both movies feature Robert Pattinson. I adore both characters he played/s  (Edward and Cedric Diggory).  Well, he’s magnificently beautiful, so that’s no fair.  Robert could do no wrong.

While taking a closer look they do in fact share some very generic similarities, in the end, they are NOTHING alike.  And if we must compare, my darling Harry Potter wins.  The journey while reading those books was so amazing.  The completion left me anxious and aching for more. Twilight on the otherhand I was fine.  Yes, just fine. I must say, the last book was by far the best and definitely a perfect finale.

Go ahead, read read read. Enjoy.  Make your own opinion…but….

read Harry Potter first 🙂


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  1. Chia

    Team Potter!!

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