Oh Why Oh Why Oh Why???

Guaranteed, if you’re a girl and watch Lost religiously, have thought who your boyfriend would be if you too were stranded on the island. 

My sister, hers is Sayid. Good choice. I liked him for a bit, but his sweaty curly hair got to be a deal breaker.

My friend Chia’s I believe is Jack.  While he is good looking, the actual character drives me insane.  Him & I would last a day or so.

Personally, I have jumped back and forth between Sawyer and Locke.  I would love the shock value when all the people  saw me and Locke in love, hunting wild boar and talking to the island.  BUT in the end, Desmond always wins my heart.

Ahh I love Desmond.  He is so beautiful and that accent…well, needless to say, if I was on the island, I’d try with all my might to make him love me instead of Penny.  He’d obviously choose her over me and I’d be ok with it because their love is so wonderful.

Guess what my friend Chris just texted me….

“Haha Desmond is being sued for sexual harassment.  Apparently he motor boated someone on the set!”

So it appears,  my sweet Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) was being extremely inappropriate with one of the show’s employees, who later got fired.  The article didn’t mention if the two incidents are related.  I’m guessing this employee is alleging they are.  So it’s not definite.  Maybe she had a thing for him and he didn’t feel the same, so lied. Or was spiteful about getting fired and made it up.  Or or. Or…..oh I hope it’s just the aftermath of a crazy delusional girl.

But what if she is telling the truth….?  I don’t know how to feel. Can I still love a character and all the while dislike the man behind it?


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