Happy Earth Day!


Doing anything for Earth Day? Sadly, I don’t think I have too much time to go and pick up litter or plant a tree today, so I googled “what can I do on Earth day” and turns out I am mostly earth friendly on a daily basis anyway.  Hurray!  I only lack in the areas that involves money – like buying super organic foods & cleaning supplies.  So here is my top five poor girl’s  list  if you want to help the environment & save a little $$.

  1. Be proactive & recycle.  In my opinion, the reason people don’t recycle nearly as much is because of laziness. Search on your town’s website and see if they have a recyclingcenter or what they  pick up. You’ll be surprised.  I went on my town of Hoboken and was disappointed that there was no convenient recycling center for all of my paper goods. But what I did find was that they do pick up magazines.  Imagine all the people in Hoboken who just throw their magazines away because they didn’t bother to check?
  2. Join your local freecycle.  I have only stumbled upon freecyle the past few months and it is an amazing tool.  It gives people a chance to offer and ask for products they need for their homes.  That way we are sharing our used products vs. just carelessly throwing them away.  You wouldn’t believe some of the things you can get.  Next time I move into an apartment, I’m going right to  freecylce to see what  I could get  instead of buying.
  3. Remember what your legs are for: walking! I haven’t had a car about two years now and I don’t mind it at all. Now, moving back home to the suburbs, where walking is basically unheard of,  I wonder how I’ll get around. It amazes me that I could walk miles and miles in the city a day, but walkingto the store in the suburbs is out of the question.  I plan on bringing the walking (and my bike) back to the suburbs and I think you should too! Bike and walking are riding are fun, good exercise, you’ll be helping the environment, AND saving money on gas.
  4. Bring your own bags when it’s time for shopping.  If you use your own bags, this in turn will slow down the use of plastic bags.  Once the stores see that people aren’t using them as much, will stop ordering as many. This will cause companies to decrease the amount of production. Well that is just wonderful. PLUS, many of the grocery stores – definitely  Food Emporium and I think A&P – actually give you money back.
  5. Be smart with your money. Turn off lights when you leave the room, unplug chargers when not in use, & don’t just let things stay on all day long. Not only is it good for the environment, but will keep your bills low.

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