Technology Spring Cleaning

Like many other Americans out there, due to the changing economy, I find myself downgrading and re-evaluating excessive pieces of life wondering, do I need this or just like it a lot?

Looking back, the past two years have resulted in either instant gratification or excess. I think it’s because I have not been happy in my job or had any sense of direction for my future.  So in turn, filled that void by going out too much, buying myself presents, and basically not saving one single penny. Literally. Not one.  If it wasn’t for my 401 (k), I’d really only have a jar of change to my name.

Having something to look forward to has completely put a spin on my once empty future. New Zealand has become the center of all my decision making the past few months.  Instead of being sad about my lack of money or wondering what is next, I now focus all my attention on what is going to be good for Kyle and I in the upcoming months. It’s amazing to think about sometimes because New Zealand has never been a county I knew anything about or necessarily dreamed of visiting. And now I’m moving there? All so surreal. All so amazing.

So in attempts to walk into New Zealand a girl with no hold backs or wearing financial hand cuffs, I have been aggressively paying off bills….because due to those two years of excess, indulgence, and being in two wedding parties, I let some of the bills add up. Good for me. 

Today, I made a bold move and got rid of my blackberry in favor of  a cheaper & simple phone. In reality, I only got it because it was a good price when I bought it and loved the idea of getting emails all day.  In actuality, I don’t need it for work and most of my emails are from friends & family.  So it was time to say goodbye to my bb. It felt like a strong move being rational and doing something for my common good. BUT, as soon as I walked out of the store , I felt isolated and alone.  Thoughts crept into my head of, “what if someone is trying to email me right now! How would I even know??” “I’m alll al0ne!” 

When all is said and done, it’s liberating and exciting to have a chance to shed my excess layers of clutter and move forward.  So we’ll have to see what goes next…


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  1. Hi, interesting post. I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll certainly be coming back to your blog.

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