Voted Least Popular On The Island

Out of all the character to have ever made an appearance on Lost, I would confidently say my least favorite is/was Michael.  The way he spoke (always calling his son “my boy! my boy”), how he over reacted every five minutes, & til the bitter end when he killed Hurley’s only hope of a girlfriend and betrayed his island people. Yes, I was very VERY happy when they blew him up and kicked him off the show.

Then, my roommate informed me that this very man, Harold Perrineau, was also Mercutio from the movie Romeo & Juliet back in 1996!!

Damnit!!!! Now I’m torn.  I LOVED his character in Romeo & Juliet. Alas, I think my hatred for Michael just destroyed any good thoughts I ever had for Mercutio. Great. Thanks a lot Michael.



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2 responses to “Voted Least Popular On The Island

  1. Chia

    OMG i am torn as well he was my least favorite on the show…but I loved him in Romeo and Juliet!

  2. shellz

    damn dats raw hes an actor so you know i still like him from romeo and juleit even though he acted like a prik in lost because thats how he was supposed to act and i think he’s gooooooooooooooooooood

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