European Goddess – Take 2

As I mentioned in the past, for some reason or another, European men find me to be the best thing that has ever graced their presence. And today was no exception.

While walking along Fifth Avenue on the way to work, I felt a set of eyes peering over at me from a little man to my left. Ahhh the lurkers of New York. Whatever, I just put my ipod up and continued to look straight ahead.

The man, I later learn to be part Brazilian/part Parisian, waved to me for my attention and questioned if I was French.

Completely caught off guard, I let out a funny laugh and said, “hahah me? Oh no no, I’m American. I’ve never gotten that before, really?”

Eric The French Man replied, “well with your hair and the sunglasses. Well. I could have sworn.”

Unlike the other creepster Europeans of my past, Eric didn’t make me uncomfortable and had a very nice energy about him.  Having just moved to New York from Paris a few months back for work as an IT guy for Louis Vuitton, you could tell he was genuinely excited to submerge himself  into the city.

We chit chatted a block or two, discussing where we currently lived and the jobs we were heading to this morning, it was time to turn down Madison Avenue so said,  “well here’s my turn. Nice to talk to you.”

Eric confidently replied with, “You see, we French people, we go in and get what we want. I see no wedding ring. I will take your email address”.

Still completely caught off guard, I nodded and gave it to him. WHY? Why would I do that? Why didn’t I just say I had a boyfriend and that would be that.  It’s because I am bad in those types of situations and just want to get away.

Five minutes later I got an email covered in smiling faces saying we should meet this week for a drink.

I figured I’d simply ignore it and that would be that….But after an hour went by I got to thinking: This is NOT the way I want American girls to be portrayed. I imagined  him calling French friends later on saying, “these American girls are so fickle and terrible.  They are willing to give out email addresses, but don’t actually want to talk to you again, weird weird weird.”

 I literally just wrote back saying I probably should have mentioned I had a boyfriend and that it was very nice to meet him.

I’m hoping for no response. We shall see…


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