Windy Windy Winter

Has anyone noticed how god awful windy it’s been this winter? Is this always the case? I don’t seem to recall it being this bad.

Personally, I am not a cold weather person. However, I do enjoy the seasonal changes, so ultimately deal with it. On the plus side, I live in an apartment that maintained a toasty 80 degrees the entire winter, adore boots and tights, and any excuse to drink hot chocolate is good for me.  Plus, with the help of mitten, scarves, and hats, there is a chance to stay warm while trotting along through the city.

Throw the wind in and what do we have? A warm and quiet trot turning into a nightmare. With one solid burst of wind, off my hat goes across the street into traffic.  With nothing to keep my hair down, it immediately blows into my face and sticks to the chap stick on my lips.  Having no visual capabilities at this point, I knock the person down to my left creating a domino effect.  No this hasn’t happened persay, but with so many of us battling the wind, it’s bound to happen one of these days.

Strangely, once the weather begins to warm up, the winds disappear.  THEN when it’s god awful steamy and humid August-ish, all we can hope and pray for is just one little breeze to cool our otherwise sweaty selves. Such irony.  Or perhaps just comes to show we are never satisfied to what we have.


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