I’m Boring

I want to write every day. I really do. And there are those special days where I have so much to say and punch out three wonderful blogs…. Honestly though, at the moment, my life is super boring and the only thing that gets me through the day is looking forward to the future. And you know what?   That really sucks. 

 People always talk about, “where has all the time gone??’ “the years go by much quicker than they used to.”

Well. You want to know where all my time has gone? An office. Weeks upon weeks of me sitting around in an office wishing for 5:30. And for what? So I can just go home, bullshit around, and do the same thing the following day. Then I fall upon a Friday, have a magical weekend until Sunday looms in, reminding me of whats to come:  I know going into that week that EACH day is going to be boring and uneventful.

I did a little calculation and here are my past two year’s results: In total, I sat around bored and creatively deprived for…drum roll please…. roughly 3,430 hours or about 143 days. You know what I think that is? Bullshit.

As Kyle & I begin to tell friends & family about our decision in packing up and going abroad, there have been many responses ranging from, “Oh! That’s so exciting! I have always wanted to do that”, to “WHY? HOW? WHAT!??”

Well next time we get a negative response, I’m throwing in the fact that about 143 days of my life was taken away due to allowing myself to be caught up in the “This is the next step in life. After college, you get a job. Done & Done”. I kick myself because I have always known and was once devastated at the idea of working in an office. But it was something I had to try. And that’s life: trial & error. Being in an office for almost two years now, I know this corporate lifestyle is not for me and I need to break free.

I’m not hating on this choice. There is a large percentage of people who like it.  Sometimes I wish I could just get over myself and submerge.  It would also help a lot too  if I was in a position where my job included something that was a calling or a passion. Um. Nope. Not here.

I promise I’ll have more interesting things to chat about. Life will be taking a turn for excitement soon enough. But for now, I have to cherish what I do have: a home, good health, my family, great friends to happy hour it with and share the battle scars of a long day, and the glimmer of hope on the horizon.  I love the fact that I really have no idea where I’ll be this time next year.


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