Metro Card Drama

Without fail, anytime I leave my umbrella at the office it rains in the morning.  Yesterday was no exception.  In my own defense, Al Roker did say it was going to rain later in the day, so I thought I’d be able to just make it. BUT surprise surprise, guess who was wrong?  Psh.

 If I was a mean person, I would have simply stolen my roommate Meg’s that was conveniently hanging in the living room. In the end, I figured that would have been horribly cruel, so threw on a hat and off I went into the rain.

I rarely take the subway.  So when I do, it usually means I’ll be refilling one of five metro cards I have in my bag (each contain about 50 cents). Because it was miserable and windy out, EVERYONE was waiting on line to re-fill their metro cards, I’m assuming, with similar thought processes:

UGH it’s Monday.  RAR it’s raining.  WAH I’m not feeling so great due to seasonal changes.  PSH I’m taking the subway to work this morning.

I don’t know what kind of energy I was giving off, perhaps  miserable lost tourist vibe, but for some reason, the subway aids (you know, the people who work for the subway system that give lost souls directions & fickle around with the machines when they brake), felt the need to single me and make a fun scene, I’m guessing in order to entertain the others waiting on the lines.

It was SO weird.  First a little round woman with overly red hair told me, “you paying with cash? Go on the machine 3 line. Card, well 4,6,7. Single ride, 1 or 8”.

That was very helpful,  so I gave her a smile & a thank you and waited on line 3. While shuffling through my bag for a couple dollars and an old card, ANOTHER subway helper pulled me over (though I was pretty close to the front of line 3), to tell me that if I was only getting a single ride,  should sneak on line 8 because it was oh so short.

Confused and mildly loopy congested, I said,”sure sure”, and followed him to line 8 to which we discovered had filled up since he has last been there. He  then turned to me embarrassed and looked visibly upset that he let me, the poor lost tourist, down.  Obviously, after this scene, I would NEVER come back to NYC and hate on it & warn all my friends never to go for a holiday.

So we went back to line 6 and he instructed me to go back in my old spot.  I was semi-mortified at this point and said, “oh no no it’s fine”. Wanting to redeem himself, ignored my protests and yelled in desperation, “please! let her back in line! She was behind the woman in the red coat!!”

Great.  So I slinked back in and the guy behind me asked what the hell was going on.   

“Oh….. (in a very nervous weird giggle-laugh voice) I have no idea. They must think I’m a tourist. I’m going to work. I’ve done this before!”

He gave me a “sure you have” face and turned back to his blackberry

Looking back, I should have pretended I was from some small town in the mid-west.  At least that could have been a solid excuse to why I was hopping from line to line all morning. 


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