Sugar & Sunshine

Yesterday I was in a foul mood. It was as if I was incapable of finding cheer somewhere deep within.  The looming thoughts of, “there are so many things coming up, how am I going to not only pay my bills but still enjoy life?”, “UGH the office is taking another furlough….how am I going to survive with another week pay cut?”, and the usual wah wah’s: I don’t like my job, I’m bored, I’m busy but still bored, it’s nice out no fair, and so on took hold.  Lots of negativity was spinning around my head and no matter what a I did – focus on the good, think to the future, eat egg salad – was going to fix it.

Fearing my sadness,  The Splenda Stealer suggested we take a trot down to….drum roll please….. the Treats Truck! We met over on 45th & 6th, grabbed a beautiful snack: I got the pecan butterscotch bar, which was sooo heartbreakingly tasty and she got the exquisite chocolate chip brownie.

Afterwards, we walked over to the park and chit chatted, had a few laughs, and were harassed by pigeons. Seriously, I never seen them so aggressive before. It MUST have had to do with the tourists across from us throwing  cookie crumbs.  The pigeons perhaps mistook us for tourists and thought we’d sacrifice our snack scraps to them. OH no no, little did they know  that we Do NOT share. Sorry guys.

After a nice afternoon break, I felt like something was lifted off my shoulders.  It amazes me that all it takes to cheer me up is a little sunshine, a tasty snack, and a visit with a good friend.


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