Weekend In Annapolis

I had no idea how beautiful Annapolis is.  Has this been a known fact by all and I’ve been in the dark? The area we stayed in was absolutely picturesque. The streets were cobble stoned, all the buildings were from the Colonial or Victorian period, and very well taken care of I might add.  It almost made you forget what country you were in and what year it was supposed to be.  I love older buildings, whom were obviously well planned and time was taken for unbelievable detail and moldings. Art and architecture blended beautifully to create a town, though over 300 years old, to rank as one  of the most enchanting places I have seen on the East Coast. 


I was there this past weekend for Kyle’s friend from college’s wedding.  We really couldn’t have asked for anything more.  The weather was perfection, the people were so welcoming and wonderful, and I got to eat some crab for dinner.   picture-0082


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