The End & The Beginning

I remember when my future was a clean slate and instead of taking advantage of it and exploring my possibilities, felt overwhelmed with the emptiness. I didn’t know what I wanted to be or where to go. I didn’t see what opportunities were available, so took the safe route and did the college way and somehow ended up with a journalism degree a couple years later.  Don’t get me wrong, I am sooo greatful for my education (I don’t want you to think I am acting spoiled and just wah wahing here).   Yours truly, like so many others out there, went right to work because well, that’s what your supposed to do after college. Allegedly.

Well two years later,  not one day has gone by that I have felt content in this 9-5 life.  I can’t recall one day where I thought, “this is so great I hope to do this the rest of my professional life”.  All I have felt was claustrophobic and wondering when something big would happen to make this come to an end.

Well my friends, the time has come & now that I have more details in place, I can share with you the next chapter in my life.


September 2009: Kyle (the bf) & I will be heading to beautiful New Zealand to live & work for an undetermined amount of time!

This so me in six months

Him and I are in the same situation where our lives are technically fine, but  something is missing: adventure and excitement.  This is the perfect time. Neither one of us have any real responsibilities or things holding us down, so why not!

It’s been an interesting journey so far, researching and figuring out the best steps to take. Telling family & friends in particular was a whirlpool of emotion ranging from:

“New Zealand? WHY! Why would you move there!!!??”

“You guys are weird…”


“Oh Kris! That’s a wonderful idea! We can’t wait to come visit!”—my parents haha

The hardest definitely has been realizing how little money I have and how much I need to save…so…come May 1st, I am moving back home with my parents, which is a mixture of relief and sadness. It’ll be nice to spend time with them at home before I gone for lord knows how long and toget myself  a good dose of summer.  Summer  08′ consisted of me moping around Central Park and vowing never to spend a summer without nature or the beach again.  So that works out wonderfully. Plus plus, Kyle lives right near my parents, so I’ll get to see him whenever my heart desires. It all works out very nicely.

On a sad note, I hate to leave my life in Hoboken and NYC.  I have some awesome roommates who I never would have met if it wasn’t for living there (we met via craigslist).   And there will be people I won’t get to see nearly as much anymore because I’ll be down the shore.  So it’s going to be a bitter sweet next step.

Stay tuned….



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4 responses to “The End & The Beginning

  1. GREAT for you!!! Living and working in New Zealand is going to be THE coolest experience and you are right – no better time than now do that when you don’t have responsibilities keeping you here yet.
    I have felt the same way in my 9-5 job. Getting laid off was a blessing in disguise. Now I’m going to travel South America solo for a few weeks.

    I know you will miss Hoboken and NYC but know you can always come back after your adventure!

    Thanks so much for the nice comment about my blog. I’m glad to have found your’s and can’t wait to see your adventures in NZ. I was there last year – it is THE most beautiful country on the planet.

  2. New Zealand WOW! That’s awesome, but I have to see you before you go. Once you are back home maybe we can get together and go to the beach with the kiddies.

  3. Chia

    yeah this is the worst blog you ever wrote……..-spikeful best friend that can’t live without you

  4. kristicu423

    Sorry Love! But don’t worry you’ll have me alll summer and an excuse to come visit me in NZ 🙂

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