Musical Uni-Bomber: Spotted

Now maybe you’re thinking I’m building this whole Musical Uni-Bomber situation up for attention.  Or perhaps I am actually hallucinating, hoping that the world is being generous for my writing endevours, but guess who I saw skipping down Fifth Avenue singing her tone deaf heart out??


Who is this you ask? She is this insane character that I somehow got sucked into talking to back in  July at a book event.  MU was stalking Christine Ebersole, begging a security guard to let her get closer to “give Christine something”.  When he denied her access, MU went crazy lady angry on him and told him, “you don’t think she knows me! When she sees me, she is totally going to come over here….!!” (read on for the detailed story).  Months later, I noticed the object of her fancy was coming back to Broadway.  I  feared for CE’s  life and JUST knew that the Musical Uni-Bomber would be lurking around the theatre/midtown area.

Sure enough there she was, a mere 4 blocks over and two avenues down…. I was almost tempted to follow and she were she was off to. 

 Now I know what your thinking, “how can you be sure it was her?”  OH. If you met MU, you would know.  Her image has forever been burned in my memory.  The mix of short stumpiness, straw blond hair, and huge black eyebrows makes her a tremendous character forever in my mind.

I wonder how many times she’s seen Ebersole’s show….Should I find a way to warn her? Maybe it’s something that comes with being a Broadway sensation? Us theatre lovers are CRAZY and obsessed with actors. Perhaps it goes hand in hand. If you want to be on stage in NYC, be prepared to walk the streets and constantly be harassed with people like  MU who swear on her life that they are close friends.

Well whatever the case, I love her and hope to see more of her in the neighborhood.


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