Granny’s Tuna Fish Salad

When my brother and I were little, a visit from Granny & Grandpa was always an exciting day. Not only were we thrilled for their presence and to spend some quality time, but we also knew what we were in store for: fresh tomatoes from their garden, home made pickles,  and my Granny’s AMAZING tuna salad.  While no one knows when this tradition began, if my Granny ever forgot to make it for us, ALL hell would break loose.

Sadly, Granny has retired making us tuna, but there is good news….she gave us her secrets and my mom & I have FINALLY mastered the recipe!

Thursday I had the day off and was in the mood to cook. After doing some laundry and a quick visit to A&P, I whipped up some delicious tuna salad.  I am going to share with you this quick and easy spin on the normal recipe. This is the type of thing where there are no specific amounts of this or that, you really have to play around with it until you find the taste that is perfect for you.

Granny’s Tuna Fish Salad

Can or two of tuna – in water, not oil.

Low-fat plain yogurt

Low-fat mayo


Celery salt


A sprinkle or two of salt and pepper

Food processor

(1) In a bowl, mix together the tuna, three or so heaping spoon-fulls of yogurt, a small spoonful of mayo, one stalk of celery, a small amount of onion, a sprinkle or two of celery salt , and a dash of salt and pepper.


(2) Depending on how large your food processor is (mine is small so I had to do it a couple of times) throw your mixture in and spin it up til all the contents are mixed.  Be careful.  If you leave it in too long the tuna salad will get super mushy. If that happens, put in some more mayo.

(3) If you want a serious authentic Granny Sandwich, which happens to be the best way, toast some bread, spread some butter on the bread, add the tuna, lettuce, and tomato. Partner that with a glass of milk and you will be in paradise.

I don’t have butter, lettuce, tomatoes, or milk, so I opted for tuna on toast with pickle slices and a glass of water. Not as amazing as the original, but just as tasty. And a plus side, it is super light and healthy minus all the mayo. Enjoy!





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