Beer Tasting @ The Loreley!

After going to a German Karnivale party at the Loreley a few weeks back, my friend Mhern andI officially fell in love with this Bar/Restaurant.  It is this great authentic high energy German place in the Lower East Side and they seem to always have a reason to celebrate.

Karnivale was spectacular and we were instantly welcomed by a group of  New Yorkers who were once residents of Cologne (a place in Germany where Karnivale is the biggest event of the year). For four hours, we found ourselves drinking wonderful German beers, schmoozing with Colognians, and danced our nights away.  Needless to say, we knew that we would be returning for the next event.

That happened to be this past Wednesday for the German Beer Tasting! Having applauded the Loreley to whomever would listen, we enlisted the Splenda Stealer and later on, my friend Geraldine, her bf, and Liz came by for a drink.

The deal was $29 ( yes twenty nine dollars) for 9 different types of beer and a three course meal.



The beer selection was diverse and we actually learned a lot about the history of how they are made.  Don’t even get me started on the dinner. We had Rouladen, which is basically beef wrapped in bacon, accompanied with mashed potatoes and red cabbage.  This is  something I only have when my mom makes it, so was absolutely a wonderful treat.

Later on, we happily rolled ourselves out, and wondered, “….hmmm, what will be our next German celebration…?”

May 2nd – The 6th Annual Sausage and Mailbock Beir Festival!

What a wonderful way to welcome the warm weather 🙂



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3 responses to “Beer Tasting @ The Loreley!

  1. emsilees09


  2. kiteless

    Loreley is always a great time, even better when they open the garden in the back. May I also suggest Zum Schneider on 7th and C, Heidelberg on 86th and 2nd and Wechsler on 1st ave btwn 7th and 8th. All have great authentic german food. Some of those places even offer Das Boot.

  3. kristicu423

    Thanks! I’ll def have to go check them out sometime. Nothing is better than authentic German beer & food!

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