Survival Kit For Those Who Hate To Pay Co-Pays

According to a co-worker (the same one who gave me the microwavable rice maker) here are the ways to stay healthy during the winter:

1. Drink lots of water.  It is important to stay hydrated

2. Blow your nose. 

That is all she’s got. WELL. Being that I’m poor, refuse to pay my $50 co-pay (yes, I said FIFTY DOLLARS) for doctors visits, and choose to let my body take care of itself (boo to medications), I try with all my might not to catch anything.

Last year, for example, I did have the  poor fortune of  landing some sort of sickness and with zero dollars and no doctor in Hoboken, I decided I would attempt to heal myself.  My head was fuzzy like I had a fever and my throat was basically swollen shut.  I knew I needed rest, but with the pain every time I swallowed,  it was impossible. Then, entered my best invention.  The all time feel better cocktail: NyQuil & Airborne.  This delight  literally calmed my throat down long enough to fall asleep peacefully in order to let my body take care of itself.  I would say after a weekend of this routine I was back in action, but vowed that the following year would be different. Illness was NOT an option.

 I have put together the ultimate health kit that has kept me well (knock on wood) during this winter season. 


The Survival Kit:

  1. Water.I drink lots and lots of water allll day long.
  2. Taking my co-workers word, I have plenty of boxes of tissues handy to blow my nose.  I usually do when I first get into the office. After being out in the cold all morning, it usually needs it.
  3. Vitamin C. I take it every morning after my oatmeal.  I don’t splurge on such things as orange juice (um it’s like $5 a carton), so opt for the pill version.
  4. Women’s One-A-Day Vitamins.  I only take this at work if I have a large lunch (usually not the case).  Typically, I’ll have it after dinner. If I take it after my scrappy pb&j, I get nauseous and curse myself.

And there you have it. 4 steps = no illness.

Just for being so cocky, I’m sure I’ll wake up tomorrow with strep throat


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