Kristine The Literary Groupie

When it comes to being a groupie,  it is safe to say that I don’t get all giggly over too many by looks alone (ahem… except people  Robert Pattinson & Val Kilmer).  It usually has to be someone whom I truly respect for their art.   Beauty can only go so far. Art lasts forever.

Yet another reason I adore New York so:  I love that there is always a gallery opening or an event for a book release in such close proximity.  I couldn’t imagine living somewhere so remote that the idea of seeing art or other various cultural adventures is a once in a lifetime event. To me, culture is a vitamin and I’m pretty sure that I’d whither away without it predominantly in my life.

By far, my favorite authors are Augusten Burroughs and Arthur Nersesian.  And yes, I have had the pleasure to see each one of them read. The first time I went to an Augusten Burroughs’ reading (I have been to three), I made a complete fool of myself due to the combination of nerves, excitement, and overal awe.  Instead of  saying something witty and acknowledging it was no big deal… we were both human beings (he’s just way more talented)…. I garbaldy gooped out something odd.  As he signed my book, I couldn’t get rid of this creepster smile off my face, while I yelled, “your amazing! AH-MAZ-ZING!!!!”.  Later, after I gleefully skipped away,  he must have thought, “ohhh boy, yet another starry eyed fan…” 

Meeting Aurther Nercessian, on the other hand, was a wonderful experience.  He had a  book launch party last year and for some reason, I happened to know about it.  I would have thought more people would have jumped at the chance.    My friends The Splenda Stealer, Nina, and I went and ended up having a blast shmoozing with artsies, drinking free wine, and eating up all the cheese & crackers.

Thanks to the  wine, I was able to vocalize my love to Arthur and explain in detail which books I’ve read of his (um all) and why I loved them so.  We ended up chatting for a while, he took a couple pictures with me and my friends, and told us to hit up his party in Brooklyn the following day.

We didn’t follow up and go to Brooklyn because well, it was on a Wednesday and that is quite a hike for a week night. Alas, that was the end of an obvious friendship….or him just being nice to a star struck fan unsuccessfully  pretending to be normal.

Friday at work I had NOTHING to do. Literally. ZERO.WORK. I decided to use my time effectively and googled around to see what my favorite authors were up to.

Guess who is having a reading combined with an art exhibit Friday!? Arthur Nercessian. Guess who is going!? Me!!

It will either go wonderfully – him & I will become instant best friends and talk about writing & life all night- or more realistically- will drunk off of more cheap wine, cry to whoever will listen about my dreams of being a writer, how it’s never going to happen, and I’ll probably end up dying at my painfully low paying and boring job.  With that, I’ll be escorted by a pack of security guards, who will inform me that I am no longer welcome in the literary world due to pathetic scenes and dribble drabble chatter.

Either way, it’ll make for a fantastic story.


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