Throwing A March Resolution Into The Mix

When the end of December starts to creep up, I immediately begin to plot the upcoming year’s list of resolutions.  Usually there are so many that I end up getting overwhelmed with the ridiculous demands I put on myself and drop them all.  It’s not that I don’t want to defeat these resolutions, but all of them at once is way too time consuming.

So this year, one by one, I have been trying to work on them.  For instance, I had on my list, “learn how to make dresses on my sewing machine”.  Rather than try on my own, become frustrated that I can’t figure it out, and throw in the towel, I opted to ask my friend Mhern to teach me, play around with it when I have a chance, and keep my goal in mind.  One of these days I’ll master threading the bobbin (which to date I am still clueless…even AFTER Mhern and then my mom showing me how).  Perhaps by summer I will be wearing a KC original!

Then there was the very general resolution, “write a book”.  Really? As if that is just  “oh so ladi dah I can do that in an afternoon” activity.  Instead, I have begun to brainstorm, found my muse, and will continue to write when I’m inspired until it sits before me (I’ll be sharing it with you in a month or so).

What I’ve learned here is that the only way to truly accomplish something is by having a little patience and faith that the only way to go through with your goals is by not being hasty, but letting the goal mature on it’s own. 

I have a new one to begin this March. What you ask? WELL,  as you may have noticed, I am not satisfied in my current situation.  My job is extremely stifling and I feel each day I work is just another day I’m losing in my life.  I long for the weekends, but then get sad because, oh that’s right, after the weekend is over, I’ll have to start ALL over again. And it’s not even that I make enough money where it’s like, “well at least I make good money, It’s worth it”. No it’s not. 

I find myself complaining and being negative when in actuality I am not a wah wah person by natural.  Putting a negative spin on things overshadows the good in life and I don’t want to miss one moment of happiness in a day due to me wallowing as my professional alter ego. I need to remember that just because  I’m not particularly happy in at the moment doesn’t mean it will always be like this.  

Rather, I will focus on what’s ahead and begin to plan the next step.  No longer will I dwell in pessimism where, “this is it! This is all I can hope for out of life”, because it most certainly is not.  This is just one chapter. And I am sooo ready for something bigger and brighter.

Stay tuned….I have a lot of ideas brewing 🙂


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