No More Complaints Here, Seriously

About 12 minutes to freedom and I have nothing to do.  I decided to use my time wisely and check in with some of my favorite blogs and see if there is anything good going on. I cruised on over to New York Magazine’s “The Daily Intel” and get this:

In order for this chick Tameeka Henry to get to school 3-5 times a week, she, “takes a dollar van, a city bus, the subway, two Long Island Rail Road trains and a Suffolk County bus,” which roughly equals to a four hour ride back and forth.

I repeat. To get from her home in Brooklyn to Five Towns College in Dix Hills, it takes FOUR HOURS.

HELL NO. I would never. Never never never. And never again will I feel bad for myself that the grand total it takes to get to work is a measly hour. And it would be quicker if I took the subway to work vs. walking the 13 blocks up and 4 avenues over.  I marvel in some people’s dedication. If I was in her shoes, I’d never go to school or hate my life soo much that I’d move as quickly as possible.


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