The Angriest Commuter Of Them All

When you commute in the morning at the same time everyday, you tend to recognize the faces.  Some are memorable due to a fun coat or interesting hat.  Others because they bop along to their favorite songs. And then you have the angry ones.  Those who wake up in a foul mood, stomp to the bus stop,and are NEVER pleased unless they stumble upon an empty bus.   

And then there’s him. The King of Commuter Rage.

I have been traveling with him the past few months and get almost excited when I see him.  It is a given that winter winds plus waiting equals a very angry King Rage. On various occasions, I have seen him yelling at bus drivers, pacing and stomping around like a two year old, and flinging his arms up in the air and crying out in anger, “this is INSANE! I REFUSE to stand up going to work! WHERE ARE ALL THE BUSES!”

Yesterday morning was no exception. The weather was miserable.  The streets were lined with the combination of ice and sand.   It was bitterly cold and windy, so of course there was not a bus in sight.  King Rage was standing in front of me, wearing those men’s fleece earmuffs and a scarf wrapped around his face murmuring, “this is ridiculous….how can they do this to us!” 

As the line of people waiting wrapped around the corner, a bus appeared and to everyone’s dismay, it was completely packed; the only option was to stand.  But perfect timing, another bus came towards us empty and you can tell that King Rage was pleased.

BUT THEN, it did not stop and KR gasped.  Even with his hand covered in a tight leather glove, he still managed to give the bus the finger and followed that with a stomp of frustration.

A moment or two later, another bus appeared and with the choice of standing around outside or standing indoors while still getting to work on time, him and I rode side by side swaying the way to work.  But don’t think he was pleased about it.  Between the murmur of ipods, the soft shuffle of newspapers, and coughs, you could still hear the angry inner monologue of the King.

It makes me wonder if he has always been an angry person. Or perhaps this is a side effect for some after working 9-5 for years and years.  I can guarantee though, if I continue to live this lifestyle and stress about buses and traffic, I could very well be his queen in a year or so. That is a very scary thought.

God help me if this is all I have to look forward to in life.


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