Bye Bye Bob

Well after almost a year of having a high maintenance bob, I think I am ready to go back to my mermaid locks. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the bob.  It has been fantastic and edgy, inspired me to get a tattoo on my neck, and put a little kick in my step.  At the time, it was exactly what I needed.l_e092fa63e8ea2dd7faac897de3dca72c1

There are a few reasons in which I plan to let my hair grow:

  1. I’m lazy.  Day after day of having to blow my hair straight is beginning to annoy me. How long can a hairstyle stand  it when  you push it in the wrong direction?  I feel like I am going against the current where if I don’t really take my time, my hair will forever force itself to where it is meant to be.
  2. That being said,  once it gets to be summer, the humidity hold the cards in its hands and no matter what I do, it gets frizzy and weirdo curly.  With my hair being natural, I never had to worry about anything.   
  3. Um. I don’t make enough money to be paying for haircuts just about every month. That adds up.  In fact, it adds up to being  an extra $840 a year! No thanks. 

So with those three in mind I am going back to low maintenance, an extra half  hour of sleep, and summer time peace.


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