My Own Personal Hell

For the past week or so, my apartment has been obscenely hot.  Now I know what you might be thinking. “Kristine, why don’t you turn it down?”

Well my friends, it’s because we don’t pay for our heat, hence they do what they want. And apparently what they want is to keep us in extremely high temperature rooms.  It is so hot in fact that we literally have to keep ALL the windows open and are forced to wear shorts and tank tops.  I mean, I prefer the heat over being cold, but when it is constantly stuffy, I start to lose it.evil-heater1

My EVIL heater

SO. Yesterday, I came home to the, as predicted, inferno that is my apartment. I dropped my stuff off into my room and began to search for apartment-weather appropriate clothes. While digging through a pile, I noticed a loud chang-ing rumble bubble coming from the pipes and heaters.  My building is OLD. Like real old, so an occasional clink or clank here or there is normal.  But the sounds that were coming out yesterday made it clear that the heater was over living and was preparing to erupt. Immediate visions of me being full body steam burned came into my mind and I moved as far away as possible from the heater.

I was tired. Ached for a nap And a little quiet. FOR THREE, count it THREE hours, the chang-ing rumble bubble continued. Hence I began to lose my mind.  My eyes started growing larger and manically darting left and right, wondering what oh what to do.

“I will never be able to sleep through this! Where should I sleep tonight!? I could go to Emily’s but she wont’ be home til later! Maybe I’ll call Megan, she’ll know who to call. Omg I can’t even hear myself think.  I should write a blog about it. BUT I CAN’T BECAUSE THE CLINGELY CLATTERING BUBBLE PUFFS ARE SO LOUD….there. They stopped….Wait……OH NO THERE THEY GO AGAIN!!!”

At this point, I went into the kitchen to do some dishes, hoping to wash myself away in running water and bubbles. Nope, clingely clattering bubble puff won and I called the Super, who thought I was being melo-dramatic,

“Well the building is old….they will make noise…”

“I KNOW THAT. But heh..heh…(while ringing my wrists) it is so loud I can’t think straight. I won’t be able to go to sleep tonight”

“Ok…well I’ll call the landlord and see if he can send someone over soon….goodbye!”

Then Megan came home as I was mixing a cocktail and knew someone better to call. Sure enough, minutes later, the heat returned to normal and all was right in the world again.

Well except the heat inferno, but lets save that battle for another day.


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